To the Editor: State of the union 

To the Editor: 

Once upon a time, the United States of America stood out as the greatest democracy in the world, made possible with the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, a document so well constructed by our Founding Fathers that our country became the envy of the world. Today that reality has been badly damaged by the politics of what is left of the Republican Party. The plan to crush the importance of democracy began some time ago but was extremely exacerbated with the administration of Trump and his open acceptance of Neo-Naziism at Charlottesville. 

Back when Barack Obama, the first Black president, was elected in 2008, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky stated that the Republicans’ one major effort was to see that Obama would serve only one term as president. But Obama prevailed and was soundly reelected. That transparent statement on McConnell’s part revealed a clear racist viewpoint and resulted in the current stagnation in the House and Senate, bodies no longer working together to create needed legislation. 

Sen. McConnell is also the culprit responsible for refusing to allow President Obama to nominate a Supreme Court replacement for Justice Scalia. Nor has Sen. McConnell allowed key bills for Democrats to reach the floor of the Senate for much-needed votes. The Democrats are now standing alone as congressmen, performing as they are expected to do. 

The current stagnation in lawmaking is creating serious delays in programs necessary to improve our infrastructure, to rebuild and strengthen our bridges, tunnels, highways, public water systems and such. While Republicans’ only interest seems to be in gathering up the bulk of the nation’s wealth and avoiding paying their fair share of taxes, the Democrats are left to go it alone if much of anything is to be accomplished. 

While those congressional Republicans are happily collecting their handsome salaries with all the perks one could desire, they are not truly earning their money. They are a drag on progress. Since there will be a mid-term election in 2022, it behooves all Americans to stand up and take notice of this do-nothing Congress. Trotting out the old tried and true advice to voters, we say, “Throw the bums out.” 

Shirley Chase 

Winter Harbor 

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