To the Editor: State flag needs a makeover 

To the Editor: 

Maine should change the flag back to the original flag from 1901. Our flag has had many changes since Maine became independent. At first, it was just a green pine tree and a blue star against a white background. Now the flag has a moose, a blue background, our logo, a yellow star and two farmers. Our flag has definitely changed since the original one in 1901.  

Rep. Sean Paulhus says this: “The current state flag is too similar to others in New England and doesn’t stand out.” I think we should reclaim the 1901 flag because it will help us stand out from the other states and is less complicated to make. We should also keep the moose because the moose is our state animal, and it makes sense to keep it on the flag. If we go back to the original flag then we can learn more about our history. We should bring back the 1901 flag because it would show how proud we are to be able to live in this amazing state. 

Oakley Frey 

Fletchers Landing 

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