To the Editor: Stand up, speak out 

To the Editor:

Consider this, please: “What is really important about the future of the ‘Quietside’ of Mount Desert Island? Do we need to stand up and speak out to preserve our beautiful Island home? Yes, we certainly do need to!

Over development results when new ideas are accepted without question. This is a time when MDI residents need to be asking the hard questions about this new Tremont campground project. The approvals are not yet in place, and many questions still remain:

1. Do we really know how much damage will be done to our narrow, winding roads when heavy vehicle come through? What roads conditions will residents face at the end of each season? Who will maintain the fragile roads, and who will pay the costs of road maintenance?
2. Are we certain that the sewage from this campground will not be running onto neighbors’ property? Recreational vehicles will be dumping sewer at the campground. What if the sewer system fails and condemns the property of others? Who will pay for reparations?
3. Take a look at the work that has already begun. Natural trees have been removed and replaced by commercial landscaping. What has been done to mitigate erosion? After a few big storms, will we be seeing irreversible effects from erosion? Who will address the problems?
4. And, when did a cabin start looking like a yurt? (We see yurts where cabins were proposed.) Good neighbors follow the rules in the planning process. They begin a project after the permits are in place, and they ‘do what they said they would do,’ within the confines of the proposal.

This project is important to the people of the ‘Quietside” because over development will seriously impact our quality of life – and the lives of future generations. Planning questions need to be answered BEFORE further develop occurs. 

We have rules to follow. Rules are written to protect the public. This project has to be stopped! 

Ella Mahler
West Tremont 

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