To the Editor: Stand together 

To the Editor: 

I write this letter today with hopes that we never forgot the ruthless, senseless attacks on our nation on Sept. 11, 2001, or the sacrifices made that day by everyday people on the planes and by fire fighters, emergency medical services, police, hospital workers and our military.  

That day, the world saw the true and real America.

Please never forget these people who gave their lives on that day saving the lives of others, those who died that day did doing a job they loved – defending the lives of others, at the cost of their very own, as true Americans who swore to protect the lives of others. The people and children of today should study these selfless acts of valor and heroism that occurred on that day. They should learn about the pride, honor and commitment that was instilled in those people – something that seems to have been lost lately in our youth and society today. 

America needs more than ever to stand together, support and help their neighbor no matter what they believe or don’t. This great nation was born on people standing together putting differences aside and helping one another despite their beliefs. It was all about helping each other, to overcome whatever challenge was laid before us as a nation. 

We need to work together, stand together, just like those who gave their all on 9/11. Do not let their sacrifice be in vain. Let’s rise above the challenges ahead and defeat them as one nation. 

I write this being bias, though, as a firefighter/paramedic and the proud son of an MIA/POW (Lt. Walter Hall 1965). These values are heavily instilled in me. Pride, honor, work ethic and self sacrifice are lessons that were taught to me, to be carried on for the future and lessons for today. 

Sean Hall 

Bar Harbor 


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