To the Editor: Something is terribly wrong 

To the Editor:  

Hello to the residents of Bar Harbor and the officials of the town of Bar Harbor.    

Something is terribly wrong. It concerns this year’s real estate tax bill.   

Since the year of 2000, I gladly paid my real estate tax. I fully support the fire department, the police department, all the schools and the fine workers who maintain our infrastructure.   

I know that costs and wages will constantly increase. Since 2000, my real estate tax bill has increased, on average, $100 per year. I paid this without hesitation.   

But this year, my real estate tax bill increased by $1,798. Something is very wrong in the way our town officials are calculating our taxes. We all know that town maintenance costs and wages have not increased to warrant such an increase. So what is determining our taxes?   

Some external (rich) people want to live, and more probably have summer vacations and rentals, in our beautiful town. Of course, the people who want to sell their homes want the optimal price and the rich people will gladly pay. So my simple home in Bar Harbor, which has not changed for over 20 years, is all of a sudden worth a great deal of money. Why? Because the external assessor looked at the real estate pages for Bar Harbor and saw the average price of homes selling for this year.   

We are all people working or retired on a steady income. We have not become rich overnight. Then why are our town officials acting like we have? 

I am going into the town office this week to ask them face to face to use their common sense. I ask them to offer an apology to us and establish a more reasonable tax increase – $100, $200, whatever is fair.   

I encourage every resident of Bar Harbor to do the same. Go to the town office and request them to calculate a more reasonable tax increase that is based on need, not greed.   

Robert Chaiken 

Bar Harbor  

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