To the Editor: So much more 

To the Editor: 

I’m writing this letter to increase awareness to the community about the Mount Desert Nursing Association. It’s easy to think that MDNA only offers the usual home care services that some of our other wonderful local nursing outfits, such as Cahoun Care and Homecare for ME, bring to our island. MDNA however, does more. 

Like our excellent local emergency services and the infrastructure directed housing trust, the Nursing Association works with our community in more than just one specific area. They know our towns as their own neighbors. Their office coordinators and intake nurses help elders and their families better see the scope of what resources to pursue because they’re more in tune with what’s close to hand. They keep in inventory equipment that can be brought into a home to help people transition to safer and easier daily living in their own homes. They’re more than a standard nursing agency because they’re better integrated with local hospitals and first responders. Speaking as someone who has been a caregiver for companies both in the U.S. and in Canada, this is unique. It’s a resource that can be a godsend for an older person and their family. 

At present, the Mount Desert Nursing Association is smaller than it should be. While I firmly believe that each of us should freely choose which organizations to lend support to, I’m taking this opportunity to raise awareness of a lesser-known resource on our island. MDNA is a truly top-rate operation. Money or expertise sent in their direction will be well expended! 


Felicia Falt 

Mount Desert 

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