To the Editor: Shipping lanes 

To the Editor: 

There has always been a couple of accidents a year, until the right whales set up a feeding ground and hundreds of whales, since 2015, have shown up in the same area between Prince Edward Island and the Gaspe Peninsula, right under a cruise-ship-only shipping lane.
I exposed this on social media. Cruise ships were averaging six dead right whales per year between 2017 and April 2020 and no one was saying anything. I got in contact with Canadian officials and the DMR in the U.S. in 2019 and I told them they will be responsible for the right whales’ extinction if they didn’t close that shipping lane. By April 2020, just days before Carnival was scheduled to go barreling through the heart of the feeding area, they created the Shediac Valley ship-restricted area that effectively closed that lane and forced the cruise ships to detour on the route I had mapped out. 
Of note: The Canadians have gotten the crab entanglements to zero. Consequently, the cause of the attack on the lobstermen no longer exists. It’s proven. No deaths in Canada in 2020.
For the details go to and top right search Jim O’Connell. There are a lot of my research papers on this subject.

Jim O’ Connell
Bar Harbor 

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