To the Editor: Sharon, the SPCA cat 

To the Editor:

While spending Thanksgiving with friendsI mentioned that I would eventually get a new cat as our family cats were no longer living. My friends have an older cat and a new shelter dog. I mentioned that I thought maybe I would get a Maine Coon cat, but we had always gotten shelter cats.
The idea stuck with me, and I thought I would just type in Maine Coon cat and see where they were located in Maine.
Our SPCA in Trenton came up in the search. They had a Maine Coon mix, so I clicked on her profile. She seemed nice and surprisingly her name was the same as mine! Sharon, the cat, seemed like a good match, but was I ready?  

I emailed a good friend with the story and told her I was hesitant to tell her about Sharon the cat because she might encourage me to adopt the cat.
She replied, “Of course you should. How many signs do you need? Her name is Sharon!”
I met with Sharon, the cat. She was a nice, laid-back cat from what I could tell. I only had concerns that her chest was bumping. I left her there while I went to find basic cat needs.  

When I got back to the shelter, I wanted her but still had concerns that she had some medical issue. Staff took her temperature, which was fine, but they told me to decide and let them know the next day. They saw what I was referring to, though, and took her for an emergency vet exam and then drove her to Scarborough for emergency cat surgery! They DROVE her to Scarborough!
They let me know she had made it through the surgery. I have an even deeper connection with her in that I played a part in saving her life. She will be under care for some time (four weeks to six months) and they will keep in touch with me on her progress.  

I am in constant admiration for the kind concern that the SPCA staff showed for a single little cat. The cat’s second birthday is Dec. 24. A Christmas miracle, hopefully, and with no setbacks, Sharon the cat will become part of Sharon the person’s family.  

Thank you SPCA, staff!  


Sharon Joyce  

Mount Desert 

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