To the Editor: Sea pen worry 

To the Editor: 

As a small business owner and a regular small boat sailor in Frenchman Bay, I am writing to say I’m worried about the recent proposal to put sea pens in Frenchman Bay. My business depends on the National Park, with unspoiled scenery of the ocean next to mountain peaks, miles of trails, trees and wildlife attracting millions of people to our Island.      

From the presentation to the Gouldsboro selectmen, I learned that this is going to be one of the biggest salmon farms in the state with 100 acres and 66 million pounds per year. There will be cruise ships pumping diesel exhaust and cleaning their smokestacks with scrubbers directly into the ocean next to this operation. Nitrogen excretions from the fish will combine with sulfur from the scrubbers to create a deadly soup. 

This applicant is presenting a huge at sea finfish operation at a time when land base farms are being demanded around the world, like the Belfast Bay salmon operation just down the coast. It is a similar size as the Frenchman Bay pens in terms of fish produced, but it’s proposed to be built on land with a sewage treatment system cleaning the water. 

The view of the porcupines [islands] in Frenchman Bay in Acadia National Park is iconic. It would be spoiled by dead industrial symmetrical forms laid on top of the exquisite natural asymmetry. Let us keep the 5,000 jobs that Acadia National Park already supports and not spoil what already works.   


Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor ME 

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