To the Editor: Saying goodbye  

To the Editor: 

Along with many in the MDI community, we are sorry to learn about the closing of Sips restaurant and bar in Southwest Harbor. Sips was a vital community resource, providing a cozy meeting place with great food and drink. 

Sips was also a special place for Acadia Senior College and its members. For several years prior to the pandemic, Sips hosted monthly winter breakfast gatherings known as Coffee Clashes. Sips provided coffee and a pastry for a modest fee or would cook breakfast to order from their menu for those with heartier appetites. Then an expert on a controversial topic would give a brief introduction and discussion would ensue. Much was learned and a good time was had by all.  

We are grateful to Jennifer Worcester and her crew at Sips for their generous hospitality over many years. Thanks for the memories! 


Linda Dunn 

Jeff Dunn 

Acadia Senior College 



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