To the Editor: Sad truth 

To the Editor: 

Two recent projects on the island point to the desire by local people to try to extract every last dime out of the tourist economy at the expense of the nearby residents and the larger communities of which they are a part.  

I am speaking of the 44 room “B and B” planned for Cottage Street, which apparently, in spite of its size, sailed through the Bar Harbor Design Review Board process (why are there no minutes posted on the town site?) while one of its major investors is the chairman of the Planning Board. I have seen little or no coverage or comment on this, which leads me to believe that many people are unaware.  

The other is the 154 space RV park and campground ironically called Acadia Wilderness Lodge that is in the application process in Tremont. Neither of these projects does anything for their communities other than create more traffic and congestion.  

The sad truth is that the more developed the island becomes, the less desirable tourists will find it. Do we really want to be York Beach? If people want to engage in development, perhaps some affordable rental units, or other housing that would encourage year-round living, would be more appropriate.  

I hope anyone who will be affected by these projects is aware and will make their elected officials know how they feel. 


Laura Grier 

Mount Desert 

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