To the Editor: Sad selling point 

To the Editor: 

I was saddened to see that one of the Select Board campaign signs in the town of Tremont boasts the line “Tremont Native.” As a qualification for the job, how unnecessary, irrelevant and divisive. 

Being “from here” could mean that the candidate is connected, committed to the town and versed in the history of community priorities. It could also be a sign of bias, old-boy networks or close-mindedness. 

Being “from away” could mean that a candidate is disconnected, brings baggage that doesn’t fit the region and has no clue about the town’s past. Or such a new resident could offer essential and timely skills, bring fresh perspectives and ask constructive questions. 

What matters more than where we were born is how we listen, whom we involve, how we collaborate and how we lead. 

If you go back far enough, we’re all from away.  


Craig Kesselheim 

Southwest Harbor 


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