To the Editor: Running us out of town

To the Editor: 

If it was the goal of the Town Council to destroy the ability of the elderly to continue to reside in their homes in Bar Harbor, the new tax assessment will certainly have an impact on their capacity (living on fixed incomes as most of us do).  

First you got rid of the Elderly Advocacy Committee; now we get rid of the elderly. I suppose the goal is to get us to clear out and leave the town so that the businesses will have more housing available for summer employees.  

You have almost doubled the taxation on our home. We would like an explanation. This appears to be elder abuse by the Town Council, its assessor and the company that did the assessments.   

Hopefully the Maine House and Senate will consider this doubling of our taxes and provide some form of protection for us through legislation. The failure of the Town Council to address this matter on behalf of its elderly citizens is simply an outrage.  

What do we do? Go without eating or heating our homes? My wife and I (I am a disabled veteran) served this country and the people of this state our entire adult lives – this is the thanks we get? To be thrown out on the street? We have always been advocates for the handicapped and elderly, for the poor and for those with alcohol and drug problems. Is it your goal to destroy such goodness? Is this our reward? May God forgive you – we cannot. We will once more advocate for the elderly and disabled with the same determination as we have in the past.  


Jeffery L. Cake 

Laura J. Cake 

Bar Harbor 

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