To the Editor: Rights, bipartisanship and 2022 

To the Editor: 

Through her use of Jim Crow states’ rights arguments to vote against federal civil rights protections and her opposition to federal protections for women’s rights to reproductive health care, Sen. Susan Collins has signaled the end of independence in the Republican party and of bipartisanship in government. Collins is too self-interested to risk being Cheney’ed by the GOP for taking an ethical stance.

As with funding for essential and emergency services, Republicans are shifting responsibility for constitutional protections to the states. (Except, of course, for selling guns, God and greed.) And as in Washington, local Republican elected officials march lockstep with the party line or risk being pilloried and shunned as infidels. The Maine Republican party’s 2022 agenda flies the MAGA flag. This is what happens when a political party becomes a religious cult, with purity enforcers.

Republicans expect us to boot strap, or coat hanger, ourselves out of problems complicated by state actions. 2022 is not politics as usual. Changes in the political landscape must be factored into our voting. The big picture has implications for our personal interests. For Mainers, Democratic elected officials in Augusta are our first defense against Republican crusaders. Even, or especially, GOP crusaders in the guise of local politicians giving lip service to American ideals, which their party is trashing every day.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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