To the Editor: Proud to be part of the Bar Harbor family 

To the Editor: 

To our friends and community, 

Many of you have seen the headlines – and probably the smoke – that resulted from the massive fire at our hotel, the Bluenose Inn, on Feb. 10. We watched, speechless, as the flames grew impossibly high. The fire caused extensive damage to the Stenna Nordica building and burned nearly half of our guest rooms. 

It was not a very good day. 

But it wasn’t all bad. In fact, what we will remember most about the day isn’t hopelessness and loss. It is thankfulness, and the warm feeling of community, togetherness and love. Mr. Rogers had it right when he explained, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” 

And the help was tremendous. 

It is hard to find words for how thankful, humbled and honored we are for the overflowing community support we have received. To the brave firefighters who responded to our call for help. Thank you. Coming from several towns across Hancock and Penobscot counties, men and women came and risked their safety. First responders came from Old Town, Bangor, Brewer and Holden. Without hesitation, crews brought their resources to assist, some traveling over an hour to come help. Thank you. 

To the surrounding community, near and far, thank you. We are so lucky to have a strong network that was quick to aid those on the frontline of the fire. People with sandwiches, drinks, pizza, homemade goods and more came and kept coming. Nobody was going hungry! Students from the College of the Atlantic, residents from the town and local businesses all chipped in. The owner of the Lucerne Inn opened up a building and provided a space for first responders to gather and stay warm. In hard times, the good of humanity shines through. The tight-knit community of Bar Harbor and the surrounding areas makes owning and operating a business and raising a family in Maine so desirable. 

To those who showed support in the form of messages, texts, emails and phone calls – thank you. The hope, well-wishes and encouragement brought tears to our eyes. Those who shared special memories created at the Bluenose Inn, from weddings to vacations to anniversaries, give us a future to look forward to. We feel very fortunate that no one was hurt and that the main building was spared, and we are going to remain positive and do our best moving forward. 

We are so proud to be a part of the Bar Harbor family. We are proud of the bravery, kindness and support during our time of need. Thank you all so very much. 



All of us at The Bluenose Inn 

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