To the Editor: Protest injustice 

To the Editor: 

It is gratifying to read Dick Broom’s reporting on why we are protesting Leonard Leo (Islander, Sept. 8). 

Right wing elements in America are threatening the constitutional rights that are the hallmark of our democracy. Leonard Leo is the dark money working behind the scenes to undermine our democratic system. Not everyone believes democracy is the best form of government. Worldwide, we see a movement towards autocracy. Through the Federalist Society and other elements of his extremist network, Leonard Leo is bringing it home.  

I am among the protestors who regularly assemble outside Leonard Leo’s home in Northeast Harbor because I fear for our country. One of Maine’s wisest “summer people,” Rachel Carson, wrote: “to sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.”  

It is still my right to protest injustice and indeed, it is my duty to do so. Thank you to the Islander for spotlighting this. 

Dixie Hathaway 

Bar Harbor 

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