To the Editor: Postal pain 

To the Editor: 

The announcement of slower first-class mail is an insult to those of us elderly who don’t wish to get totally sucked into online banking and bill paying. 

I have said in the past “We used to be a rich country when they brought milk to our door.” Now, vendors who don’t deliver stellar customer service will control your potential dissatisfaction and an endless fight will ensue as you try to get a satisfactory resolution. Good luck with that! 

Here we are in the eighth month of 2021 and since January ground beef is up 11 percent, gasoline 39 percent and wholesale propane delivered from Mt. Belview, Texas, up a whopping 51 percent, but we have no inflation! 

I would be willing to bet that USPS workers have not had to give up any pay or benefit increases and are well taken care of as far as the cost of living is concerned, but the rest of us suffer through at least five-day delays of first-class mail delivery. 

Lastly, it would indeed be a small price to pay if a first-class stamp went to 75 cents or even a dollar, but I doubt that it would solve the operating deficits the USPS has experienced for several years. 

Myself, I would rather the USPS stay solvent than mail payments earlier and earlier to avoid non-forgivable late charges. 

I know this much from being in the service delivery business for 30 years. If one of my great customers wanted his delivery on a certain date and I did not perform there were any number of competitors willing to take that customer from me. 

Perhaps in keeping with the government not being able to run anything efficiently we should just sell USPS to FedEx and UPS, with the sale proceeds going to reduce our $28 trillion debt. 

Dudley Gray 

Rangeley Plantation 

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