To the Editor: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act 

To the Editor: 

Among the many urgent issues at hand – political and epidemiological – protecting democracy seems among the most threatened and most important.  

Voters should determine elections, not politicians. Please urge Sen. Collins to support the Freedom to Vote Act, which would require congressional maps to be drawn fairly, without bias. According to Common Cause, partisan politicians are drawing maps that will ensure one-party control of state Legislatures and congressional maps – maps that don’t represent the interests of voters.
The Freedom to Vote Act is popular across the country, even as extremists state lawmakers want to make it harder to vote (more than a third of states have already confirmed maps that will live on for the coming decade). Reforming Senate rules – fixing the arcane filibuster – opens a door to protect voting rights and other much-needed reforms. 

I urge you to elevate this issue and urge Sen. Collins not only to do the right thing but also to take a historic stand at a historic moment in America’s history. 


Ellen Pope 

Southwest Harbor  

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