To the Editor: Our best defense 

To the Editor: 

The Roberts Court has undone decades of civil rights legislation. Perverting the Second Amendment, establishing state religion and reversing Roe is just a flashy Federalist Society sop to god-and-guns voters lured to the GOP by specious rhetoric and AstroTurf wedge issues. The Republican agenda is driven by greed. 

Yes, chaos and poverty serve big money’s police state bent and chase for cheap labor, but they’re not shelling out the big bucks to get social issue peanuts. They’re in the market for absolute power with no accountability – no taxation and no regulation. And from an authoritarian executive to voter suppression to restricting trial by jury, they’re eliminating citizen participation from American government.
Republican plutocrats work hard to keep their populist base. Opposition disunity is egg in their beer. Despite the disaster of 2016 and with the promise of worse in 2022, we are still bedeviled by the siren song of ‘vote persons not parties’ – its quibbles and false equivalencies, its pipe dreams and purity tests. Had we elected Democrat Hillary Clinton, we’d have a better Supreme Court for decades to come. Democratic majorities in Washington and Augusta are now our best defense.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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