To the Editor: O Quarantine, O Quarantine  

To the Editor: 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine 

how dreary is thy passage. 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine, 

I truly get your message. 

To wear a mask and stay away, 

and be alone on Christmas Day, 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine 

How dreary is thy passage. 

To walk along an icy path 

and not become a psychopath, 

O quarantine, O Quarantine, 

I’m running low on coffee. 

To wait and hope my test is good 

I’ve stayed home, as I know I should 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine 

where is my coffee brandy? 

To watch the numbers, as they go high, 

If I get it, will I die? 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine, 

Please save me from this virus. 

Here’s hoping that, the vaccine works 

I’ll soon forget those maskless jerks. 

O Quarantine, O Quarantine 

So long to you and COVID. 


Rob Bauer 

Blue Hill 

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