To the Editor: Not the time for newcomers

To the Editor:

I foresee 2021 as being a pivotal year for Trenton. It will either be the year that our citizens begin to rein in the growing tax burden or it will be the year that all caution is cast to the wind.

The municipal election, scheduled for May 17, from 2-6 p.m., at the Trenton Town Office, offers a selection of candidates for two seats on the Board of Selectmen. The two incumbents, John Bennett and Carlene Hanscom, are running for reelection. Many of us have watched them fight valiantly to slow the rising tax burden in our town. There are those running against them who will almost certainly allow the increasing trend to continue unabated if they win the seats.

My experience with working with Bennett and Hanscom has been wholly positive. Each works very hard to give representation to all our residents. There is no favoritism and no specific agenda that either promotes. Both have served our town for several terms and are known only for their forthright and honest efforts to benefit all in our community. I served with both on the Board of Selectmen and I have full trust and confidence in each of them.

The votes cast in Trenton on May 17 will have a lasting consequence. Please place an X next to the names of Carlene Hanscom and John Bennett. They each have years of experience in serving our town in many different official capacities. With the rising tax rate at the forefront of our municipal concerns, this is not the time to elect newcomers to town government. Those who fill these seats, at this important juncture, must have knowledge and experience in how a municipal budget works. And they must have an impartial attitude for all of Trenton’s citizens. Please mark your calendars to vote, and please vote for John Bennett and Carlene Hanscom for selectmen. If you are unable to vote in person, please vote by absentee ballot.

Susan A. Starr


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