To the Editor: Not in Maine’s backyard 

To the Editor: 

For years, New England Clean Energy Connect and CMP have used deceptive practices to support their corridor project. 

CMP received unknowing approvals from some town leaders along the corridor in the promise of lower taxes. A few outfitters in The Forks Region supported CMP by the promise of money and coveted land along the Kennebec River. CMP entered a secret agreement with Governor LePage and later Governor Mills and The Bureau of Parks and Lands to illegally cross public land. CMP expanded the corridor from 54 feet to over 100 feet wide. Most all this happened before the corridor was even announced to the public. 

When publicly announced, Maine opposition sprang up overnight. Most towns overwhelming voted to reject. All the required state permit public meetings were overwhelmingly outspoken in opposition. Thousands of Mainers from all over the state joined opposition groups to fight the CMP Corridor that would benefit CMP, Hydro Quebec, Spain and Massachusetts. These Mainers do not even live near or on the corridor. Is it any wonder that a retroactive law may be required to stop this horrible project? 

Legislators, both Republican and Democrat, have become involved in opposing this project that will bring very little benefits to Maine. Those who support the project are remarkably silent. 

Please vote YES to reject the CMP Corridor. Call me a NIMBY if you will, but in this case it means, “Not in Maine’s backyard.” 


Ed Buzzell 


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