To the Editor: No place for hate 

To the Editor: 

Recently, several MDIHS students, staff and community members witnessed a senseless act of hate, racism and discrimination cloaked in anonymity. During a remote meeting for A Climate to Thrive (ACTT), an unknown individual posted messages of hate and derogatory language for public view. Aside from this cowardly approach to spreading hate, discrimination and fear, it is important to acknowledge this act for what it is – unacceptable and intolerable. 

This incident provides a unique opportunity to unite and denounce hate speech and all forms of discrimination. As MDIRSS AOS # 91 superintendent of schools, I denounce this act. This language and messaging have no place in our schools. As a U.S. Navy veteran who proudly served our nation for 23 years, I remain mindful of the oath I took to preserve, protect and defend the onstitution of the United States. I believe those words matter and it is our collective responsibility to unite to ensure we do not allow violence, hate or discrimination to infiltrate our lives, homes and communities. As a member of this community, I believe we all share a role, and responsibility, to ensure hate speech, racism and discriminatory acts are not tolerated nor advanced. Together, we can make a positive difference in declaring and affirming:  “Hate has no home here.” 

Marc Edward Gousse, Ed.D. 

Superintendent of Schools, AOS 91 

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