To the Editor: No on 3 

To the Editor: 

Question 3 (Maine Question 3: Right to Produce, Harvest, and Consume Food Amendment) is like cotton candy – all sugar and fluff, but no substance to nourish you. 

It promises us a “right to food” – but not a penny to feed a person in need.  

Economic hardship is what causes Mainers to experience hunger. This doesn’t offer an answer to that. 

From an animal welfare perspective, Question 3 is a major threat. By creating a right for individuals to procure food any way they want, it could strip away the animal welfare standards we have created that lead the way for the rest of the country. This amendment, in practical terms, gives anyone in our state the right to set up a factory farm or, arguably, to raise chickens or sheep in their apartment or back yard and slaughter them there. 

There’s a very broad set of groups that oppose Question 3 – from the Maine Municipal Association, Maine Farm Bureau, Maine Potato Board and Maine Veterinary Medical Association to all the state’s animal welfare groups because of the threat is poses to reasonable animal welfare, public health and local land use policies. 

The architects of Question 3 have not given Mainers a single good reason for this amendment to our Constitution. 

No on 3. 


Jennifer Skiff 

Northern Maine Director  

Animal Wellness Action 

Seal Cove 

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