To the Editor: No laughing matter 

To the Editor:

Jest as he may, I think letter writer John Fuhrman (“It’s all Trump’s Fault,” Islander, July 14) might think twice about laughing off the harm done by the Trump presidency.

But I will grant Fuhrman this, it’s certainly not all Trump’s fault. While Trump’s style was more or less a novelty act in the political arena, as president, Trump merely put his brand on the Republican agenda.

It took sins of commission and omission by millions of Americans to put Trump in office. The GOP united. A divided opposition joked about Trump – and he laughed his way into the White House. Thanks to the efforts of the House Jan. 6 committee, and the testimony under oath of Republican functionaries and Trump insiders, we are learning how far Republicans went to keep Trump in office – beyond his term and outside the law. 

Now, with Congressional Republicans enthralled to Trump or again hedging their bets, with state Republican committees instituting Trump’s Big Lie, and state Republican officials setting the stage to steal elections by the Trump script, the 2022 midterm elections may be less a judgement on the beleaguered Biden presidency than on a self-blinkered American electorate dancing on the brink.  

And that is nothing to laugh about.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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