To the Editor: More info needed 

To the Editor: 

I have seen several news reports and letters calling for the resignation of Sheriff Kane over his handling of Healthy Acadias recovery coaching services contract. I feel that there isnt enough information yet to be calling for his resignation or dismissal. This incident happened almost nine months ago and remember the national scene happening at that time. 

Peaceful BLM protests were happening in many cities nationwide. These included rioting, looting, burning of public and private buildings and the injuring and killing of police officers. Also, hundreds of police and fire vehicles were burned and destroyed. With this in mind, Sheriff Kane probably had reasons to question the safety of his officers and take steps to prevent violence against them. We, the public, should have a lot more facts about how this decision was made before we castigate our sheriff. I believe he has done a good and honest job and should be given a fair chance. 

Merle Cousins 

Southwest Harbor 

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