To the Editor: Matter of degree 

To the Editor: 

In this fallen world, and in this first world country, none of us has clean hands. After that it is a matter of degree. We try to do our best.  

And then there are people like Leonard Leo. And really, who is like Leonard Leo? He might agree. In the words of John Milton, “by merit raised to that bad eminence.” I will not rehearse Leo’s sins but leave it at the corruption of the United States judiciary through the weaponization of religion and the funneling of dirty money to dirty causes through the dirty trick of shell corporations. You can Google and Wiki the rest. And really, it is never about one man. As they say, it takes a village. 

But right now, the problem is in our village. 

Among the bad problems a Leo makes for good people is the very local question of what to do about a pariah in our midst. There is a line. I imagine Leo has been clever enough to keep his crimes within the law – in no small part by influencing lawmakers and adjudicators to legitimize them. And nice people do not tar and feather their neighbors. So, I agree with the protestors in Northeast Harbor. Leo on MDI is an opportunity to educate ourselves and each other about who he is, what he has done and how he has done it. And for whom. Hint: not for god and country. I’d say, “follow the money,’” but Leo et al have made that almost impossible.  

So get the facts, get out the word, and for goodness sake don’t vote for anyone Leo has influence over. Hint: look for the R next to their name on the ballot.  


Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 


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