To the Editor: Mark your calendars 

To the Editor: 

For the first time in a dozen years or more, the League of Women Voters Downeast will not be holding a candidate forum for the election of a state senator in the district that encompasses most of Hancock County.  

This is a big disappointment to us in the League, but we have been unable to secure the participation of either candidate Brian Langley or candidate Ben Meicklejohn. Candidate Nicole Grohoski did agree to participate, but we have strict policies prohibiting empty chair debates if one candidate will appear alone. We are sorry that voters will not have an opportunity to meet the candidates in this election. 

It is doubly disappointing because of the unusual circumstances of this election. In a special election on June 14, voters will elect a new state senator to replace Louie Luchini, who resigned his Senate seat earlier this year. The June 14 special election will be held on the same day as a statewide primary election. Only party members can vote in the primary election, but the special election is open to all eligible voters. And the special election is the real deal – not a warmup. One of the three candidates will be our new state senator until the next general election in November. 

So, mark your calendars, plan to vote in the June 14 special election. Absentee ballots are available now. You can find your polling location, as well as what else is on your ballot (local races, referenda, etc.) at, the online voter guide that the League of Women Voters puts together. 


Ann Luther 

LWV Downeast 


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