To the Editor: Making progress 

To the Editor: 

Last week, I received the Town of Bar Harbor’s notification of the Planning Board’s upcoming public hearing for proposed amendments to the Land Use Ordinance. The third amendment under consideration would allow for the development of freestanding solar arrays in specific districts within the town.   

The town of Bar Harbor has been making significant progress toward addressing climate change, including creating the Task Force for the Climate Emergency and the adoption of substantial climate goals by the Town Council.  I’m proud that my hometown is acting as a model for other communities around Maine and the country. This amendment opens the door for a significant amount of renewable energy to enter our electric grid – a change that would move the Town of Bar Harbor significantly closer to becoming carbon neutral. I’ve decided to attend the upcoming public hearing to support our Planning Board as they consider this change and to participate in creating the community and future I’m excited to be a part of. 

To have the greatest chance of passing the public vote in November, the Solar Ordinance will need a majority vote from the Planning Board after hearing input from the public. This public hearing is an opportunity for our community to learn more about the proposed improvements and provide input about the future we want to create. The public hearing is slated for 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 7, at the Bar Harbor Municipal Building.  

Beth Woolfolk 

Bar Harbor 

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