To the Editor: Make good use of your right to vote 

To the Editor: 

There may be a Red wave coming to Maine. And Republicans are staying on message. Out of both sides of their mouths. Margaret Chase Smith andDonald J. Trump. As if. But rhetorical sleight of hand works for them. And they have the rein hand over their faithful. 

One danger to Maine in 2022 is voter inertia. Including continuing to treat voting as an exercise in self-expression – whether by not voting or declining to vote strategically. No matter the consequences. It promotes letting our personal feelings get in the way of achieving our shared goals. 

The Founders saw voting as a way of coming to consensus through reasoned debate of empirical evidence. When we consider the facts, Democratic-elected officials are doing a good job, even in these hard times and against formidable obstacles. With larger majorities we can do a better job.  From our kitchen table concerns to America’s place on the world stage to our stewardship of the planet we live on. 

And importantly, Democrats are working to preserve American citizens’ right to vote. Maine leads in voter participation in part because we lead in voter access. Please, let’s make good use of our right to vote and make our votes count for all of us. 

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 


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