To the Editor: Looking for love

To the Editor:

Maine winter is always a struggle for me. But this “pandemic winter,” with community events canceled, bars shut down, my work closed repeatedly and my circle of friends shrunk to just three, I was in total survival mode. Without the warmth of human interaction, I looked for love anywhere I could find it.

I found it in an unexpected place: the woods. Exploring the land around me, I discovered a stream with ice formations changing by the day. I investigated the tracks of deer, rabbit, crow and coyote. I got to know the animals themselves – the gentle deer, the adorably fluffed-up songbirds who still sang early in the morning and the mischievous crows, who are always up to something.

I found in those woods what I was sorely missing: other life. I was no longer alone. This is why I support the Pine Tree Amendment LD 489, which would grant all Mainers the right to a healthy environment. For many Mainers, nature is a place we can always turn to for solace and strength. The protecting of Maine’s woods, waters and wildlife is hugely important to me, for these are not only my natural resources; these are also my friends.

Helena Bader

Mount Desert

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