To the Editor: Let’s help Ukrainians

To the Editor: 

Imagine your life being at risk, being worried to even step outside your home, being stuck in your basement and not seeing your friends. No one should be in that position, yet Ukrainians are, so let’s help by giving them money because they need it for their safety. I think people should help Ukraine by giving them donations because Ukrainians are in so much danger from Putin, Russia’s president.    

Ukraine doesn’t have enough money to get what they need in the war at the moment. These are things like food, water and money to evacuate. But if you donate, they will have more money to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way. 

When you are donating, be careful. If you see an appeal for donations from a group on social media, don’t just click the link and donate. Give through their website to just be safe. And try to pay by credit card or check. Because if you sent cash, there is no way to make sure it went to the right cause (helping Ukraine). 

Some people may say don’t make Putin angry by helping Ukraine fight against him. Gas prices will go up even more because he can control where he sends his gas. However, I think Ukraine needs our help and we can get gas elsewhere from places that also have a good amount of gas like Iran (33,721 billion cubic meters of oil) or Qatar (24,072 billion cubic meters of oil).  

Ukrainians are all in lots of danger from Russia. We can help. So we should! Ways we can help are donating money. The easiest way to make sure your money’s going to people who need it is by donating to registered nonprofits like Global Giving. Even if you can’t do much, please donate or tell a friend who can. 

To conclude, I think that we need to donate money to help Ukraine survive this war with Russia and I hope you agree with me. So next time you see an online appeal for donations, please donate. 


Alden Smith Graham 

Connors Emerson School 

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