To the Editor: Let’s fix it 

To the Editor: 

This letter is regarding the article in the Islander, “Rivers moving animal rescue to Ellsworth,” and is written by Auntie Ann Rivers (Acadia Wildlife Center) on behalf of niece Ann Rivers (Acadia Island Exotics).  

I would like to urge our community members to support her endeavor. She and her family have had a rough go of it and have been forced to move way from their home. Now is the chance for all those who supported the idea of her animal rescue to support it financially – she’s going to need it.  

Think of what a great opportunity it is for the community to have a place to take sick kittens, to place lost parrots, to board their turtles over vacation, to perhaps have their high-energy puppies babysat for the day while they go to work.  

Ann has the skill, knowledge and heart to be a tremendous asset. She is working on her nonprofit status, but small donations could be made any time. Her organization could also piggyback temporarily on Acadia Wildlife until her status comes through, for those larger donors who need a tax exemption – donations badly needed to improve her facilities.  

You all said what happened to Ann was unfair – let’s fix it! We have an exciting opportunity here. 

Ann Rivers 

Bar Harbor 

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