To the Editor: Least disruptive solutions 

To the Editor: 

Too often we hear about problems in cities across America where it appears that police and communities are at war with each other. Thankfully I don’t see that with either our town police or the Acadia park rangers here on MDI. I believe that they uphold the lofty principles that guided the father of modern policing, Sir Robert Peel, when he established the first police department in 1839 London: to work hard at gaining and maintaining the public trust, and to work with the community, as members of the community, to address problems in the least disruptive way. A “we” mentality, not an “us vs. them” one. 

A great recent example was in the July 21 Mount Desert Islander Island Police report, where an officer became engaged because a vehicle was blocking an EV charging station that another vehicle needed to use. Instead of getting the offending vehicle towed or telling the owner of the second vehicle to go somewhere else, the officer simply told the second vehicle owner to drive on the grass to access the charging station. And he gave that driver his business card in case someone might “question his choice of a grassy parking spot.” A simple solution, perhaps obvious to many, but not to those who would never think of driving on a lawn not their own. Especially to those visiting here from other parts of the country. 

So, thank you to our police for working to solve problems big and small, sometimes at great personal risk, as neighbors. 

John Fehlauer 

Mount Desert 


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