To the Editor: Keep religion, politics out of decisions 

To the Editor: 

Being respectful of a person’s rights to make decisions of what they must do with their own bodies should be the right of all responsible and legal age people.  

If an underage child was raped, especially an incest case, the parents or a responsible adult should be able to have that child free from that pregnancy legally and at a clean facility with a doctor.  

Politics and religion have no right to control what a woman can or cannot do with her own body when in the very early stages of pregnancy.  

If a young person is going to college, with a bright future ahead, and, for however it happened – rape or otherwise, became pregnant, then a safe abortion in the early stages should be a legal option.  

This reasoning that the government should dictate abortion or no abortion can go on with other rules of what you can or cannot do with your body, and that should remain a person’s individual decision.  

Be aware of how you are taken in by some religious rules and the way you vote. There are politicians out there right now, and have been recently, who use religion as a voting tool who never themselves step in a church. 


Janice Janes 


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