To the Editor: Kebo is not a public park

To the Editor:

Kebo Valley Golf Club is posted “No Trespassing.” We understand that during these times, people want to get out and enjoy our beautiful island, but the golf course is closed for the season. Kebo is not a public park. After a recent snowfall, there were times when over 100 people were gathered by the clubhouse. By state of Maine regulations, we would not be allowed to have this many people if the business were open and managing the group. These regulations are in place to protect public safety. The property is not continuously staffed in the off season. Unmonitored gatherings on our private property cannot continue. Additionally, there have been many examples of people entering sensitive areas that have been roped or fenced off. We do this so everyone knows to stay out. Golf green turf is damaged by winter traffic. But some have not respected these boundaries. The boundaries are there for a reason and we don’t spend the money or time for nothing. NO TRESPASSING means that you must have permission to be on the property. Please, respect our postings.

Dave Perconti

Kebo Valley Golf Club

Bar Harbor

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