To the Editor: Kebo access  

To the Editor: 

Kebo Valley Golf Club is one of the true treasures of Bar Harbor and MDI. My wife and I, and friends, have played golf there numerous times and always enjoy its spectacular layout and challenging golf. 

During the off season, we frequently walk at Kebo, always taking care to not walk on greens (most of which are roped off) or tee boxes, and we have yet to observe anyone walking on either (which is not to say that it doesn’t occur). 

In these times of COVID-19, one has to think twice about what were once normal policies. I recall your paper in previous years quoting a Kebo official saying that the “No Trespassing” signs were only enforced against vandals and nuisance makers, and not against innocuous walkers. 

I would suggest that the board of directors of Kebo Valley Golf Club needs to address its offseason access policy in order to adapt it to COVID-19 times and to have it reflect the enormous tax advantage Kebo is given by the town of Bar Harbor. Kebo’s 31 acres of land are assessed at a value of $371,500 resulting in a tax payment to the town of $4,420.85. The Kebo assessment is obviously a tiny fraction of what the land is actually worth and reflects the town’s wish to maintain the open space in an undeveloped form. But isn’t it a reasonable expectation to have residents of the town allowed to have reasonable access to the paths of Kebo during the off season? 

Large gatherings for sledding, etc., do not make sense in these COVID-19 times. Innocuous walking by individuals or couples is quite another thing. 

It is time that the Kebo board address this issue in an appropriate fashion. 

James M. Owen 

Bar Harbor 

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