To the Editor: Jan. 6 at the Capitol

To the Editor:

On 9/11, I was working at the Library of Congress. We were locked down and then released to streets, and roofs, filled with SWAT teams. Across the Potomac, smoke was rising from the Pentagon. We went to war over this.

On Jan. 6, I listened to President Trump at a rally, fanning the flames of insurrection, saying he would join his supporters in marching on the Capitol to stop the 2020 presidential election certification process.

Then I listened to Republican elected officials trying to overturn the election by procedural means. The House debate included a new GOP representative, who’d earlier made video of herself marching around Capitol Hill with her strap-on Glock, bragging on taking it to work with her. During the proceedings today, she joked about challenging colleagues to a duel. Then all hell broke loose, as Trump supporters overwhelmed police, stormed the Capitol and held it under siege. At that moment they morphed from protestors to domestic terrorists. Were we ever in doubt about Trump’s treachery?

Donald Trump has spent four years obstructing justice and abusing his office, disrupting regular order and destroying the institutions of government. He and his Republican enablers have dismissed our intelligence and security services’ warnings about right wing domestic terrorism. He has grown increasingly unmoored from reality.

Republicans have played footsie with seditious militias, murderous anti abortionists and rogue sheriffs for decades. They’ve winked at the armed occupation of Federal facilities out West, and the storming of Michigan’s capitol and subsequent kidnapping plot by Trump supporters against the Democratic governor of Michigan. After Trump’s attacks, for the first time in his long career, Dr. Fauci needs a security detail.

Today for the first time in American history, the transfer of power process was stopped by home grown extremists incited by a sitting president. Will right wing seditious violence in the U.S. Capitol wake Republicans, some of whom spent today belly down on the floor of the Capitol, to step back from their madness?

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor

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