To the Editor: It’s all Trump’s fault 

To the Editor: 

It took me a while to figure this out, but everything we are experiencing is the fault of President Donald Trump. I can prove it. 

From the beginning of his campaign until his election loss, Trump had a list that he publicly bragged about every day. He started with the border and a wall. The left screamed at how inhumane it was. He ignored them and reduced border crossings to historic lows. 

He campaigned to minorities by telling them to give him a try. What did they have to lose? The left called him a racist and those who followed him right-wing white supremacists. By the end of his term, minority unemployment was historically low. 

The left began talking about his “tax cut for the rich” and said that the $2,000 average gained by most Americans was crumbs. Trump, ignoring these “experienced” politicians, passed the tax cut which created the best economy in decades. 

By focusing on energy independence, the former president faced environmental protests but pressed forward only to find gas prices at $2 or less across America. And that’s where the transition took hold. You were either a Trumper or totally against everything he did or stood for.  

Full disclosure: Trump was a bully. Trump has an ego the size of Alaska. And for the first time in a long while, Trump had a list that he actually did. When was the last time anyone elected did that? 

Those on the left became enraged and totally anti-Trump. Regardless of anything good that may have occurred, if Trump signed off, that idea, rule, law had to go. So… 

On inauguration day, Biden shut down pipelines, drilling, fracking and exploration. Biden stopped the wall and lifted border restrictions. Biden will be raising the taxes via inflation. 

Gas was $2. Now $5. Inflation all-time high. We are now begging countries that hate us for oil. Instead of letting the free market work, EVs are being jammed down our throats without regard to a grid that can’t handle them, the environment that can’t hold the dead batteries and the time it will add to every trip. 

All because Donald Trump had the audacity to make campaign claims and the nerve to actually do them. 

John Fuhrman 

Winter Harbor 

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