To the Editor: It will take a united effort 

To the Editor:  

Justice Sotomayor wrote that the Supreme Court conservative majority’s “choice to shrink from Texas’ challenge to federal supremacy will have far-reaching repercussions … I doubt the Court, let alone the country, is prepared for them.” 

The ideological heirs of the slave holding South and fellow travelers of the Confederacy have schemed – from the day the Constitution was signed by the Founders to the day it was affirmed by Abraham Lincoln, and then further enacted by Lyndon Johnson – to unravel our civil rights protections. The Roberts’ Court has given them enough rope to lynch what they were not able to strangle in its cradle – the revolutionary American vision of radical equality.  

Our civil rights are just collateral damage to populist and plutocrat resentment of the inconvenience of constitutional law to their prejudices and profits. Oh, the Republican wrecking crew is ready to heap catastrophe upon catastrophe and stand atop the wreckage trumpeting “mission accomplished.” But are we ready to do better? The Democratic Party is our ticket. It will take our united effort to provide for the general welfare of our people and to protect the national security of our democratic republic.  

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 

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