To the Editor: It takes a village 

To the Editor: 

I was involved in a motorcycle accident last Friday on Route 198 when an 89-year-old motorist pulled out in front of me and my best worst option was to lay my bike down into a controlled slide.  

A Good Samaritan who I only know as Dakota, a fisherman from Frenchboro, immediately pulled over to render assistance, staying on scene until the police and ambulance arrived.  

Officer Judson Cake of the Bar Harbor Police Department and his team handled the scene both compassionately and professionally.  

Margaret Houghton with the Mount Desert Fire Department, featured in last week’s edition of the Islander for receiving a Lifetime Achievement award from the EMS Bureau of the Maine Department of Public Safety, lived up to her reputation while stabilizing me and rendering care on the way to the hospital.  

Dr. Nate Donaldson and his team at MDI Hospital were quick to thoroughly access and treat me.  

And lastly, the best neighbors ever, Jim and Sally Black, who are always there for me, transported me home from the hospital.  

I offer my deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone who aided in this unscripted event. 

Finally, I’d like to add, my injuries would have been much worse for it not being prepared to react as I did and not being fully “geared up” with helmet, glasses, boots and protective clothing. Ride safe, ride alert and ride smart. 

Tad Templeton 

Northeast Harbor 


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