To the Editor: It is not OK to litter 

To the Editor:  

When I think about the problems in the world, I realize that there are a lot of problems. But there is one that affects not only the looks of how our community is, but it endangers animals. When you litter, do you realize how you are affecting this community and who you’re affecting? When you litter, the trash that you have thrown onto the ground gets swept into the ocean, endangering over 100,000 animals. That is how many animals DIE because of that one little piece of trash that you just threw on the ground. Now I understand that not everybody is going to listen to me, but I know that some will. 

Now if you’re that person who listens to me and decides not to throw a piece of trash on the ground, please help me get the attention and awareness sent out to all these people who think that it is OK to litter, because it is NOT OK. 

The world that fish live in, which happens to be in the ocean, is being destroyed by us humans. Did you know that in Florida they’re having a serious problem with pollution? All the manatees are dying and soon, in the blink of an eye, will be extinct. Pollution is sort of a different thing than littering, but it is still a problem that we are having in this world. Pollution is bad. The gas that we use gets into ocean water, lake water, pond water and rivers. It destroys the water that all different types of fish live in. It hurts the fish and it’s us humans’ fault. We’re what is destroying the waters and killing the animals. Did you know that more than 8 million tons of trash end up in the ocean every year?  

By leaving a single piece of trash, although that might not seem like a lot, it is a lot, it is hurting the animals and we need to stop. If you see trash, pick it up. If you see plastic, metal, glass, etc, pick it up. By every piece of trash we help clean up, we are saving the lives of the innocent animals who live in places that are being wrecked by humans.  

Now let’s help our community by making a change. Let’s save the fish.  


Phoebe Chamberlain 

Grade 7 

Conners Emerson School 

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