To the Editor: Inexcusable behavior 

To the Editor: 

In response to the article about the secret emails held by the Tremont attorney published in the Quietside Journal, I feel the behavior of attorney James Collier is inexcusable.  

He is supposed to be working for the town of Tremont but instead seems most interested in protecting and advancing the interests of the AWL Campground. This goes against the code of conduct all lawyers know and swear to.  

I have watched Mr. Collier at work for several years. His pretend folksy-aw-shucks demeanor is annoying and condescending but would be excusable if he was doing his job. He clearly is not.  

It is time for the Select Board of Tremont to replace him with a more professional advocate – someone who will put his duty to the town before his personal (and perhaps private financial) interests. 

Jim Bradford 



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