To the Editor: In the spotlight 

To the Editor:

With Roe v. Wade reproductive rights on the Republican chopping block, Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ confidence, or credulity, regarding now Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s stand on established law is again in the spotlight.

Collins was correct to say that Kavanaugh regards Roe as established law. But Kavanaugh, no respecter of established law, is asserting a baseless Supreme Court duty to overturn “bad” law. And, perhaps more reprehensibly, is misreading the content and context of civil rights decisions, such as Plessy v. Ferguson, to make his case for the Supreme Court gutting civil rights protections.

Surely Collins cannot be ignorant of Federalist Society honcho and Opus Dei acolyte Leonard Leo’s decades-long crusade to bring the American courts in line with his religious creed, and specifically to ban abortion. Or that Leo handpicked Kavanaugh to accomplish his anti-democratic mission. After all, after her vote to confirm Kavanaugh, Dark Lord of Dark Money Leo held a fund raiser for Collins at his Northeast Harbor citadel.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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