To the Editor: Impeach swiftly 

To the Editor: 

A frightening destructive insurrection rocked our Capitol. Exhausted by the pandemic, we reel and struggle with difficult anxieties. Now in shock, our nation wonders, what’s next? Swift impeachment must be next. It is entirely necessary to help us heal and recover. Our children and grandchildren deserve to see our Congress unite, become strong and impeach. Everyone can understand legal consequences do exist in our Constitution for illegal violent criminal acts. 

Red MAGA caps ruled the “Save America March” rally. Hoarse chants of “USA!” turned into “Hang Mike Pence!” The mob stormed down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, erected gallowsattacked journalists, smashed windows and violently forced their way into the Capitol. Terrorized members of Congress, assembled to confirm the Electoral College votes, hit the deck and donned gas masks. An armed standoff unfolded in the rotunda at the door to the House chamber. It was sinister to see Capitol police easily overwhelmed by thugsand how help from the National Guard was intentionally delayed.  

Congressional offices were ransacked, looted, trashed; documents, mail and laptops stolenNational art treasures were defaced and pipe bombs planted. Rioters urinated and defecated on carpets and then gleefully tracked their dung throughout the floors of Congress. During the mayhem, the violent insurrectionists persisted unhindered and weren’t arrested. Then, long after the imposition of the 6 p.m. curfew, rioters defied it but were treated like goldTheloitered, laughed and leered into news cameras, draped in capes made of flags emblazoned with “Trump 2020 F*** Your Feelings. Others in shirts with white supremacist slogans dawdledgradually retreated. The images of a face-painted, tattooed, horned devil yowling and a crude dude putting his filthy feet on Speaker Pelosi’s desk will be burned into our nation’s collective memory. Five people died as a result of this criminal riot. 

How? Why? It’s because this president’s thuggery has never been addressed, only excused. He created this demonic insurrection, invited supporters to his rally, then ignited them by repeatedly suggesting “fight” and “be strong. He falsely promised he would march with them, then retreated to the White House, safe and secure, as he viewed the violence he incited on television. He did nothing to stop or end it. Hours later he released a short video declaring his love for the rioters and called them true patriots. A subsequent video was pieced together the next dayafter President-elect Biden urged the president to address the nationIt revealed the president felt no remorseand never once did he mention the necessary word peace’ when petulantly referring to the transition of power. 

Will he hold more rallies to fire up rioting mobscreate more destruction and death? Impeachment is the necessary legal consequence for his dangerous illegal criminal rhetoric. He is an unhinged violent tyrantImpeachment guaranteehe can never run again, will be stripped of all powers, deprived of protections, pardons and his pension. Congress must see to it this violent disgraceful lying thug goes down in history for his crimes. 

Beth Warner 

Salsbury Cove 

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