To the Editor: How’s it working out? 

To the Editor: 

MAGA. How’s that working out for us? Trump ended his four years with the economy in shambles, millions of people out of work, caged children whose parents can’t be found, over 400,000 Americans dead because the administration had no plan to stop COVID-19 and then botched the rollout of the vaccines, is caught on tape of extorting public officials, and…shall I go on? 

Fortunately, he lost the election, bigly, something many in the Republican party still haven’t accepted, and the Democrats have to clean up the mess, once again. Just as Obama had to after the Bush administration, except that this mess includes having to prosecute the twice-impeached former president. The only one in history. A president who attempted a coup against his own country. A Republican. 

I doubt I’m the only one to feel that the conservatives have stolen every opportunity we’ve had to celebrate Biden’s election and inauguration. Their refusal to assure a smooth transition of power and their continued obstruction of meaningful legislation in the Senate are appalling.  

Healing for this nation can begin only when the former president, his mobsters and any members of Congress who are complicit in this coup are brought to justice. Then we can celebrate and move this country forward.   


Alan Parks 

Bar Harbor 

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