To the Editor: How many lives will be lost? 

To the Editor: 

As war rages on in Ukraine, things get worse all over the globe. The inhumane and unethical slaughter of Ukraine citizens continues as Putin’s war machine keeps pushing. People throughout the world protest, including disapproving Russians. 

Putin has sought to make a justification of his actions, but one cannot simply justify intentional civilian casualties and war crimes on a passive state. Families are forced to split and be displaced. Women and children flee while men ages 18-60 have to remain in a country of violence and are urged to fight. How much longer does this have to continue? How many lives will it cost? 

Many schools, hospitals, and residential complexes have been bombed on top of the numerous military strongholds and administrative and political buildings. Is it land they want? Or oil? Or maybe it’s the former structure of the USSR. Whatever it is, this demonstrates the true nature of Russia’s ways. They look to sabotage the whole of Ukraine. Must Putin keep going despite the countless sanctions and economic collapse of his entire country?  

So many questions come to mind with few answers to accompany them. This time in history has not bred simplicity, and it seems as though that trend will continue. 


Skylar Ward 



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