To the Editor: Honoring EMS 

To the Editor: 

May 1622 is National EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week. Now more than ever, it’s important as a community to recognize and celebrate our trained EMS providers and drivers who are ready day or night to administer emergency medical care to the people of MDI and surrounding areas. The stress of dealing with a pandemic, along with resources and personnel that are already stretched thin, has taken a toll on EMS workers and the system as a whole.  

Rewarding as it may be, the work of EMS providers is often physically and emotionally challenging and frequently involves working long hours in lessthandesirable conditions. In most cases, EMTs (emergency medical techniciansare picking up EMS shifts in addition to their regular full-time job hours.  

EMTs are a vital and inspiring group of individuals and their work is important to the health and welfare of the communities they serve. With our aging population, we recognize that the need for emergency services is likely to grow. In order to address these changing needs, the SWH/Tremont Ambulance Service has formed a longterm planning committee to consider the sustainability of services.  

We are grateful for our local fire and police departments, as well as the U.S. Coast Guard, who assist us on emergency calls whenever possible. Additionally, we appreciate mutual aid agreements with departments in adjacent towns. The support from these community partners helps our EMTs fulfill our mission to provide the best emergency medical care to the residents and guests of this wonderful island.  

EMTs are here to care for you in your most urgent time of need. They are highly trained, compassionate and professional and they’ve guided us through the most challenging and scary health crisis of our lifetime, putting their own health at risk to help othersThey are heroes. They have stepped up over and over again. EMS Week gives us the opportunity to step up for them by shining a spotlight on and honoring the important work that they do for all of usTo put it plainly…EMS workers ROCK! 


Margy Vose 

Board president 

SWH/Tremont Ambulance Service 

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