To the Editor: Hire a lawyer

To the Editor:

The Planning Board for the town of Mount Desert has come far afield from public service and community fellowship as evinced at the meeting of May 3. In its years-long struggle to justify the quarrying application in the village of Hall Quarry, the board has contorted itself into unrecognizable shapes. It is painful to watch.

When a resident of Crane Road asked what, if any, notice would be given to them and their neighbors should the owner of the quarry be permitted to construct a new entrance to their deeded right of way, the town attorney’s response was that the resident should hire a lawyer. Hire a lawyer. Just ponder that. The board will not answer a question that affects the sole access and egress of their homes. Hire a lawyer.

As astounding as that response is, consider that a resident of Crane Road had an application to construct a new building on their land and it was turned down for…wait for it… inadequate access. The very same problem that is currently holding up the quarrying license. The very same problem that the quarry owners are working assiduously to overcome by ripping into the existing right of way without so much as a notice to its residents and deed holders.

There are plenty of lawyers involved in this licensing procedure, for and against. One more will not lend clarity to the situation. But the citizens of the town rightly have the expectation that committees, such as the Planning Board, work in their interests in accordance with existing zoning ordinances. Based on the board’s contortions to issue the quarry owner chance after chance after chance to acquire a license over years while flatly denying others a permit for the same zoning infractions, it is challenging to discern whose interests they really have in mind.

M. Buchala

Hall Quarry

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