To the Editor: Happily vaccinated 

To the Editor: 

The March 25th Islander provided Dick Atlee some significant print real estate to offer multiple perspectives on his pandemic skepticism. In brief:

He suggests that there may not be an actual emergency (unreported false positives). He claims that the numbers of deaths attributed to COVID are suspect (incorrect attributions of mortality). He believes that the vaccines are far less effective than the reported data have indicated, that vaccines themselves are killing more people than we are hearing about, and that the CDC is covering that up. From his secure home, he ponders the decision to release our front-line health care workers from liability. Finally, he tells me that my decision to drive to Bangor for my vaccine was quite possibly coerced. His conspiratorial tone throws shade on quite a few heroes of mine.

This is the same writer who informed us years ago in this paper that 9/11 was very likely an event staged by our government.

If there were two buses bound for our uncertain future waiting on the street corner, one driven by Mr. Atlee and the other driven by Dr. Nirav Shah, guess which one I would be boarding?

I am happily vaccinated of my own free will.

Craig Kesselheim

Southwest Harbor

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